Just one, I’m a few, no family too, who am I?
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I want pie too!


I want pie too!

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Sebastian Stan for Inside Movies | EW.com

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And later I dreamed that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow.

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thousands of your people…gone.

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hannibal + alcohol

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“Will Graham asking to see you betrays his clear intent to manipulate you.”
“And if I agree to see Will?”
“It betrays your clear intent to manipulate him.”

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Before we begin you must all be warned, nothing here is vegetarian.

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Killing must feel good to God, too. He does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?

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What do you see behind closed eyes?

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"Cracks are not always weaknesses. A life lived accrues in the cracks."

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