what, you studied for prison?


"She removes her wig, her eyelashes, her makeup, never breaking eye contact with the reflection of her natural self. It’s an intimate, powerful moment television doesn’t often show: A black woman removing all the elements white supremacy tells her she has to wear to be beautiful, successful, powerful." (x)

Embarrassed!Colin when they show a clip of his band ‘The Enemies’


I think the marvel snipers called him last week

Orphan Black + blue

Chris, would you say a few words about Mr. Stan?

Gotham is my home! It’s my destiny! You don’t see what’s coming! I do! Gotham needs me! I am its future!
If you’re its future, then Gotham is in big trouble.
Yes. Yes, it is.

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Frozen by snootydormouse

You see that smoke? That’s a fire on Western and 3rd in Downtown, Central City.

Oh, all my friends are turning green